Ayurveda & Yoga

T'aiChi2Ayurveda and Yoga are ’sister sciences’ in so far as they have the same philosophical foundation (Samkhya). These two approaches to long-lasting well-being complement each other very well.

While Ayurveda is more concerned about supporting and reestablishing the unfoldment of life within the individual, Yoga deals with the question of how to grow towards a more meaningful existence.

The first 4 of the 8 aspects of ’Patanjali’s Asthanga Yoga’ can be connected to Ayurvedic treatments, regimen and medicine in so far as they are very much related to the individuals’ health and well-being.

Practicing ’Yama’ and ’Niyama’ not only prevents disease but also prepares us for the practice of ’Asana’. Correctly practiced, ’Asana’ and ’Pranayama’ have always therapeutic effects, in particular by increasing ’Jathara Agni’, which aids in the reduction of ’Ama’ or toxins. Asana and Pranayama also balance the vital energetic currents and various functions in the body.

At Amrtasiddhi we believe that Yoga, Meditation and T’ai Chi are ideal activities to support the treatments and healing progress of patients. We therefore offer open classes and personalized tuition as part of our overall treatment plan.