Why Should We Detox?



According to Ayurveda, toxins (in Ayurveda: ama), are the main cause for disease. This is why a great emphasis is put on the removal of toxins in Ayurvedic medicine. Toxins might for instance be present in the intestines, the lymph, blood or extra/inter cellular space.

Detoxifying the body in regular intervals is therefore an important contribution to disease prevention.

The presence of toxins can express in the body for instance through symptons like:

  • feeling a run down
  • feeling a general lack of energy
  • weak digestion with symptoms like bloatedness, heaviness and lethargy after meals
  • constipation or foul smelling stool
  • foggy mind with the inability to concentrate
  • abnormally coated tongue

To remove toxins, the body needs rest and a minimum amount of food. Herbal supplements and a selection of juices help to mobilize the toxins so that they can be directed out of the body.

Please note: It is recommended to schedule any tourist activities for either before or after your detox program.