1. How can i book a program?
    After you have sent us an inquiry and we have confirmed availability, you can book your program by sending us a deposit via PayPal. To do so, click on the link “Direct Booking” that you will find at the bottom of the program inclusions. Please note that your deposit is non refundable. Please also note that the outstanding amount for your program is to be paid on the first day of your program.
  2. How can i pay for my program?
    You can either pay by cash, credit card or PayPal.
    For credit card payments a surcharge of 2.5% applies, for PayPal payments it is 3.9% + $0.30 USD.
  3. Can I get a reimbursement if i decide to drop out of my program after it has started?
    Answer: Generally no, but we have and will reimburse in certain situations.
  4. Can I get a reimbursement for services that i decide not to take during my program, like treatments, classes, food?
    We are sorry, but once a program has started, we do not reimburse for any services that you choose to cancel or not take.
  5. Can I start any time or are there only specific dates i can start a program?
    Answer: You can start anytime, provided we do have availability to accommodate you.
  6. What choices do I have in terms of accommodation?

  7. Can I change my accommodation after I have done my booking?
    If you change your accommodation before the check-in date, an administration fee of USD 50 applies. If you change your accommodation from Amrtasiddhi to one of our partner hotels or an accommodation of your choice after you have checked-in, 50% of the remaining room rental fee will be charged to you.
  8. What do I need to consider if I have my own accommodation and want to join a program?
    Answer: Please bear in mind that we do not recommend you staying in your own accommodation, unless it is within foot walking distance from our centre.
    Experience shows us that having your accommodation elsewhere tends to disrupt and complicate the program.
    Traveling interferes negatively with the program because one key factor in both detox and rejuvenation programs is rest. You will also have to consider that we do not do deliveries (food, drinks, medicines) to your place.
    Staying at your own accommodation reduces the program price. Please contact us to find out about the total cost of your program without accommodation.
  9. What should I do if I don’t know which program I should sign up for?
    Answer: This is no problem at all.  The actual program can be discussed with you during the initial consultation with our Ayurvedic Doctor on your first day. Taking your personal situation (needs, health, goals etc.) into consideration, we will work  together with you to suggest a program. It would be good however if you could let us know how much time you can dedicate to the program.
  10. Is it possible to extend the length of programs?

    Answer: Yes, this is possible. Short term changes are subject to availability.
  11. Can I come just for single treatments?
    Answer: Yes certainly. Please call our Office on +62 (0) 361 973193 to make a booking.
  12. What should I bring along with me when i come to start my program?
    - copies of any recent medical reports (if any)
    - light and comfortable clothes
    - torch
    - books and personal toiletries
    - light rain jacket
  13. Do I need to bring mosquito repellent?
    No, not needed. All our rooms are equipped with mosquito nets. We can also provide you with natural insect repellent if necessary.