Natural Healing on Bali

gunung_agung2Bali is recognized throughout the world as a unique island, which is inhabited by friendly and kind people who live amidst stunning natural beauty.

On this world-renowned ’Island of the Gods’ magical and mystical powers, generally connected with ancient healing and spiritual wisdom, abound even to this modern day. These powers are an integral part of Balinese life, and they can be felt and seen by sensitive and perceptive visitors to the island.

Daily rituals, ceremonies and offerings to the ancestors and deities contribute to an atmosphere that is very conducive for any spiritual practice and for all aspects of healing and personal transformation.

The areas surrounding Ubud have been attracting visitors from throughout the world, who come here to learn about Meditation and Yoga, and / or seek advice and treatment for health related issues.

The name ’Ubud’ is derived from an ancient Javanese word ’Ubad’ which literally translates as ’medicine’. From its very inception, this lovely village and the surrounding areas have been home to a wide variety of healers, healing traditions, spiritual guides, meditation teachers and healthful foods.

Bali’s healing traditions, luscious tropical climate and fertile volcanic soils have created a home for an enormous heritage of precious medicinal herbs. Many of the key herbs and plants that are the basis for medicinal preparations in Ayurveda’s native India, are also found on Bali.