I stayed at Amrtasiddhi for 21 days. This was my 5th Panchakarma, having done three in England and one also in Kerala. With past experience I know what works and Amrtasiddhi delivers the real deal. I found doctor Sujatha to be very receptive with great feed back and the best Ayurvedic doctor I have had consultations with to date.

All the staff were friendly and keen to help with great tasting food provided in line with treatment. I highly recommend this clinic if you want a taste of real health care.

David Parkinson (England)

Hi Dr. Sujatha and Frank,

I was in to the clinic a year ago and started a Panchakarma Detox with you. I am not sure if you remember me because I am sure you have a lot of people in and out and can't remember everyone but I was there with my husband Bruno who is Brazilian and there to do Panchakarma for systemic candida. Your new clinic was almost finished and you were preparing to move. I looked at your new site and pictures and it looks beautiful.

The reason I am writing is to thank you. Besides I remember setting a clear intention when starting the Panchakarma to not rely on alcohol to relax and to remove it from my diet. I just wanted to share with you that I have not had alcohol since the detox one year ago and I feel wonderful. It is something I couldn't have imagined accomplishing and actually moved through the year with grace and ease. I also have a regular Kundalini yoga practice that I have truly embraced.....Thank you Frank. This was such a powerful experience and feel I have come a long way with my health and wellbeing since then.

I am in deep gratitude for this experience and the work you do....Thank you
I look forward to visiting Bali and your new clinic in the future.

Much Love
Much Light

Caroline Henkel

My overall experience – excellent. Every aspect was as good or better as I experienced doing a similar rejuvenation program at Manaltheeram in Kerala a few years ago.

Daniel Byrnes (Australia)

Amrtasiddhi healing sanctuary has made me feel safe to enter the vulnerable space necessary for deep healing. I have been given divine food, sublime, blissful body treatments, and loving personal attention.

Barbara Lloyd (California)

Dear Sujatha and Frank,
I so much appreciate the experience of coming to your clinic. Having your wisdom, experience and intuition guide me, gives me a wonderful feeling of empowerment. The consultations & treatments with Sujatha, and the sessions with Frank give me so much inspiration to take home and continue to integrate in my daily life. I want to thank you both. The new motto for my Yoga practice will be: keep it simple, keep it real! Hahaha.

Lisa Nylund (Australia)

An absolute must visit to treat any health condition with natural means and experience genuine Ayurveda.

Article in Bali Advertiser, edition 19th Dec. 2008

Dear Dr. Sujatha,

Being a veteran of Ayurvedic/Pancha Karma treatments in India I want to adequately express my gratitude for an excellent rejuvenation program with Amrtasiddhi this April. Your facility was extremely competent and the personal care was the best ever experienced. One of the most innovative segments was the incorporation of Yoga training tailored to my physical limitations. The staff, Frank and Putu, were superb. Also, you personally are the best of all Ayurvedic doctors that I’ve experienced. Again, thank you for a wonderful experience and my feeling of gratitude.

Frank Kunc (U.S.A)

“I cannot tell you how much your treatments have helped me. I have never been to an Ayurvedic doctor and had never received the treatments that you suggested as part of my plan to overcome the issues I was facing. Your caring attitude and your knowledge of treatments made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Through your treatment program I was able to achieve my goals to alleviate chronic pain and to remove myself from a prescription medication I had been on for almost 20 years. I appreciate all your assistance in helping me get back to where to be in my life. Thank you.

Savon Duchein (U.S.A)