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  • Ayurvedic Health Centre
    Welcome to Amrtasiddhi

    Ayurvedic Health Centre

    Ubud, Bali, Indonesia


  • Experience Authentic Ayurvedic Medicine

    With people that are inspiring, knowledgeable and supportive

  • Restore your Inner Balance

    and reach your full potential in life

Ubud, Bali
18 Rooms
Ayurvedic Meals
  • Being a veteran of Ayurvedic/Pancha Karma treatments in India I want to adequately express my gratitude for an excellent rejuvenation program with Amrtasiddhi this April.
    Frank Kunc (USA)
  • Amrtasiddhi was highly recommended to me by a friend in Darwin. My main purpose in coming here was to detox and do a cleanout in preparation for my hip operation. The experience has been brilliant; I feel ten years younger and much clearer of mind. The Amrtasiddhi team are exceptionally kind, caring and professional.
    Carl (Australia)
  • I so much appreciate the experience of coming to your clinic. Having your wisdom, experience and intuition guide me, gives me a wonderful feeling of empowerment.
    Lisa Nylund (Australia)
  • What an amazing stay! The staff are very available and willing to go above and beyond for guests. My therapists were warm, kind & very knowledgable. I felt there was always excellent communication between the therapists and physicians and my program was adapted as needed.
    Nadine (Australia)
  • I came to Amrtasiddhi because I was feeling so weak, lacking concentration and enthusiasm in life. So I thought I must detox to gain energy and be comfortable with myself. The result was excellent – not only the treatements but people working here afre all nice and helpful. It was my 2nd time doing Panchakarma. I’m very happy that I could find this center to treat myself. Thank you. Terimakasih banyak.
    Ayako (Japan)
  • I came to Amrtasiddhi because of Diabetes – I feel now much better. Everybody here cared for me and it helped me a lot.
    Karine Nivon (France)
  • I have been given divine food, sublime, blissful body treatments, and loving personal attention.
    Barbara Lloyd (California)
  • My overall experience – excellent. Every aspect was as good or better as I experienced doing a similar rejuvenation program at Manaltheeram in Kerala a few years ago.
    Daniel Byrnes (Australia)
  • I just wanted to share with you that I have not had alcohol since the detox one year ago and I feel wonderful. It is something I couldn’t have imagined accomplishing and actually moved through the year with grace and ease. I also have a regular Kundalini yoga practice that I have truly embraced…..Thank you Frank.
    Caroline Henkel (USA)
  • I have been teaching Ayurveda for more than 10 years and Amrtasiddhi is the best Panchakarma Centre I’ve experienced. I arrived exhausted from years of overworking myself and in just 12 days I left rejuvenated with overflowing creative energy again. Thank you Amrtasiddhi.
    Kimmana Nichols (Australia)
  • Thank you so much for all the support each day. I spent 19 days in total and I now feel lighter and opened physically and mentally. This place gave me knowldege of Ayurveda through treatments with therapists, very tasty cooking and advice.
    Rie Oishida (Japan)
  • Amrtasiddhi is the best of both worlds! The best in Ayurveda counsel & treatments and the best of care & comforts we are used to in the West. I recommend Amrtasiddhi for anyone who is serious about their health and well-being.
    Maria Bailey (California, USA)
  • I came to Amrtasiddhi because it was recommended by my Doctor. I did not know much about Ayurveda before and am very touched by how it integrates body, mind and spirit and how it honours mother nature. Thank you for bringing that aspect back into my life.
    Mirja Bänninger (Switzerland)
  • With past experience I know what works and Amrtasiddhi delivers the real deal. I found doctor Sujatha to be very receptive with great feed back and the best Ayurvedic doctor I have had consultations with to date.
    David Parkinson (England)
  • An absolute must visit to treat any health condition with natural means and experience genuine Ayurveda.
    Article in Bali Advertiser (Edition 19th Dec. 2008)
  • I came to Amrtasiddhi again because my partner and I had such profound healing six years ago. Time has moved on little – and Amrtasiddhi has changed dramatically – in size but not in heart. This time, I came to cleanse and loose weight…in 5 days I lost 4 kg, feel stronger and mentally clear and more glowing skin. Thank you Dr. Sujatha, Frank, your generosity is timeless – and your knowledge comprehensive.
    Nicky Warner (Australia)
  • The experience has been absolutely amazing! Better than I could have ever imagined. Thank you to all the staff, Dr. Sujatha and Frank!!
    Sarah (USA)
  • I came to Amrtasiddhi because I wanted to improve my overall health, feel more emotionally balanced, and learn more about Ayurvedic methods. I loved my experience here because because I discovered the root cause of what was bothering me and was given steps to heal. Everyone working here is so kind, patient, knowledgable and helpful.
    Pragya Mathur (USA)
  • We love the Centre as it helped us to retone our minds and bodies and also the way to go forward by providing clarity as the enironment and all the nice people here provide a wonderful positive energy.
    Joseph Leung (Hong Kong)
About us

Selamat Datang

– Welcome to AmrtaSiddhi –

We Improve Your Health – Teach You How To Stay Healthy – Make Each Program a Unique Experience!

Founded in 2007 as the first Ayurvedic Centre in Bali, AmrtaSiddhi is a destination for authentic Ayurvedic Medicine, inspiring and life-changing programs and new paradigm solutions in the field of Alternative Health. We are a small professional Centre and 100% dedicated to Ayurveda, your Health and your Well-being.

Besides Ayurvedic consultations and treatments, we offer effective Panchakarma, Detox-, Rejuvenation- and Weight Loss Programs as well as unique Executive Programs to ensure that you achieve optimum and lasting results.

«At AmrtaSiddhi our whole Team, from Ayurvedic Physicians to Therapists, Instructors, Drivers, Office-, Kitchen- and Housekeeping Staff, is here to support you on your journey to physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.»

Dr. Sujatha Kekada, Head Physician
Programs & Services

Always There For You

From Ayurvedic Consultations & Treatments, individual Coaching or One-on-One Yoga Sessions to profound Panchakarma and other Detox Programs – we at AmrtaSiddhi are passionate about supporting you to reach your full potential and become your best You.

Ayurvedic Consultations
Get an in-depth diagnosis from our Ayurvedic Experts including an assessment of your constitution and imbalances and invaluable advice on diet and lifestyle. Find out how you can achieve excellent health, improve your energy levels & mental clarity and prevent disease.
On-Site Accommodation

Pick your preferred room type at our Centre and maximize your Experience during your Program.

Meals Tailored To Your Needs

Our Kitchen Team serves organic food and all dishes are prepared fresh according to our Physicians instructions and in alignment with your imbalances (Vikriti).

We Didn’t Deliver What We Promised To?

Let us know and we make it up to you!
If we can’t, we refund your money.


Rooms & Bungalows

Choose between cost effective Standard and Superior Rooms, a charming traditional Indonesian Wooden House and beautiful Deluxe Rooms & Deluxe Bungalows.

Room Types
Max. Guests



Tasty, nutritious and easily digestible vegetarian food, fresh-pressed juices, medicated ghee and kitchari are on our menu and served to your guests by our dedicated Kitchen Team.

Forum Room

Your place to catch up on some work, enjoy a lecture or simply make friends with people from all around the globe. WiFi available.

Yoga & Meditation Studio

Beautiful top floor studio with views over the property, ceiling fans and mosquito net protection on all windows for your comfort.

Free WiFi

Available at our lobby, the forum room and, upon request, also in your accommodation.

Treatment Rooms

Fully equipped with traditional wooden massage tables as well as modern cushioned massage beds, steam cabins and private bathroom attached.


Enjoy a dip in our Ozone Pool, read a book on the deck chairs in the shade or catch up with newly made friends here.



AmrtaSiddhi is located in Ubud-Bali-Indonesia. We are just 10 min away from Ubud Centre in Nyuh Kuning, a picturesque and quiet village south of the Monkey Forest.
Restore your Inner Balance

Reach your Full Potential in Life

We work closely and personally with you on all aspects of your health and well-being.