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Ayurvedic Programs at AmrtaSiddhi


According to Ayurveda, mental and physical toxins damage the human body and create imbalances which eventually lead to disease.

Detox Programs clear the body of these toxins and help to restore its natural physiological balance, reversing negative effects of everyday life and increasing energy levels, immunity, mental clarity and emotional balance.

At AmrtaSiddhi you can

Experience a mild Detox Routine in our 3 Day-, 5 Day- or 7 Day Programs

Immerse Yourself in longer Detox-, Rejuvenation- and Pancha Karma Programs

Sign up for Ayurvedic Weight Loss Program tailored to your needs or

Get break- through results with our unique Executive Programs

More Information


More Information

    1. Our Ayurvedic Programs ask for your attention and commitment. It is not advised to engage in Sight-Seeing, Shopping Trips, Yoga Classes outside of our Centre, Yoga Teacher Training or any other form of activities whilst undertaking a Program at AmrtaSiddhi. To achieve optimum results, we recommend you leave some time either before or after your program for these activities. Adding a few days to your stay in Bali after your program will give you the time to explore more of Bali’s rich culture and also make the transition out of your program smoother.
    2. Please make your travel arrangements only after you have received a definite Reservation Offer from our Reservations Team. Some people prefer to stay an extra night after the end of their program for an easy and relaxed departure.
    3. Rooms and Program Slots are subject to availability. After we have received your Inquiry Form, our Team will check availability for you and send you a Reservation Offer. You can then confirm your participation by sending us your Program Deposit. If we don’t hear back from you within the 48 hours deadline, your reservation will automatically be cancelled. Please note: Deposits are non-refundable.
    4. For all programs based on the intake of medicated ghee (8/10 Day Detox; 12 Day Panchakarma; 14 Day and 21 Day Weight Loss Programs; 21 Day and 28 Day Panchakarma), it is mandatory that you stay on site until the detox part of the program is completed and we do not accept bookings anymore if accommodation is not booked at our Centre. This is because commuting back and forth to our clinic from outside for the food, treatments, yoga, enemas, talks etc, etc is disturbing the program process and diminishes the program results. On top of that, it is much harder to reach people and monitor them properly. For all these reasons, we have decided to make accommodation at our Centre obligatory for at least the Detox part of the treatment.
    5. For Women: Actual cleansing procedures and certain treatments are contraindicated for women during their menstruation or during pregnancy. In order to avoid disruptions during your program, please schedule the program dates according to your monthly cycle. If you are unable to do so, then we will adjust your treatment protocol accordingly.
    6. For Couples and Friends: if you share a room with your friend or partner and you have booked the same program with the same starting date, you will be asked by our Reservation Team to book one extra night of accommodation. This is to start you both on different days and to avoid that you have to share the same bathroom on the day of your detox procedure.


Being a veteran of Ayurvedic/Pancha Karma treatments in India I want to adequately express my gratitude for an excellent rejuvenation program with Amrtasiddhi this April. Continue Reading

Frank Kunc (U.S.A) February 18, 2016

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