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8 or 10 Day Detox Program

8 or 10 Day Detox Program (Ghee based)

8 or 10 Day Detox Program

If you are looking for an authentic Ayurvedic Detox Program but you have only very limited time, this program might be the best choice for you.

This Program is right for you if you:

want to experience a classic Ayurvedic Detox, based on the intake of medicated Ghee.

are looking for a Detox routine that reaches deeper than juice based fasting Programs.

want to experience a short version of our Pancha Karma Programs

do not have the time to do the 12 day Pancha Karma

are looking for an authentic Ayurvedic Detox that is physically, mentally and emotionally less challenging than our longer Programs.

Due to the nature of the 8 or 10 Day Ghee Based Program (and our Pancha Karma Programs), it can have significant medical and therapeutic effects on your Health and Well-Being.

Starting from US$ 1,681.15 (8 Days)

Starting from US$ 1,989.73 (10 Days)



Complementary Airport Transfers

All Meals and Drinks (as per your specific Program)

Herbal Teas

Ayurvedic Consultations (Full initial Consultation + Follow-up Consultation)

All Ayurvedic Treatments (that pertain to your specific Program)

Daily Supervisions with our Physicians

Medicines (for the entire length of the program)

Daily Yoga Classes

Meditation Classes (Monday/Wednesday/Friday)

Yoga Nidra Classes (Tuesday/Thursday)

Cooking Class


Herbal Tour

Program Prices+Accommodation

Program Prices+Accommodation

Single Occupancy Price US$*
(8 days)
Price US$*
(10 days)
Price IDR* (8 days) Price IDR* (10 days)
Standard Room US$ 1,764.61 US$ 2,156.67 IDR 24,704,540.00 IDR 30,193,380.00
Superior Room US$ 1,907.71 US$ 2,335.54 IDR 26,707,940.00 IDR 32,697,560.00
Joglo/Wooden Bungalow US$ 2,050.81 US$ 2,514.42 IDR 28,711,340.00 IDR 35,201,880.00
Deluxe Room US$ 2,003.11 US$ 2,454.79 IDR 28,043,540.00 IDR 34,367,060.00
Deluxe Bungalow US$ 2,146.21 US$ 2,633.67 IDR 30,046,940.00 IDR 36,871,380.00
Twin Deluxe Bungalow US$ 2,766.31 US$ 3,408.79 IDR 38,728,340.00 IDR 47,723,060.00
Twin Villa Room A US$ 1,907.71 US$ 2,335.54 IDR 26,707,940.00 IDR 32,697,560.00
Twin Villa Room B US$ 2,003.11 US$ 2,454.79 IDR 28,711,340.00 IDR 34,367.060
Double Occupancy Price US$/Person*
(8 days)
Price US$/Person*
(10 days)
Price IDR/Person* (8 days) Price IDR/Person* (10 days)
Superior Room US$ 1,752.69 US$ 2,132.82 IDR 24,537,660.00 IDR 29,859,480.00
Joglo/Wooden Bungalow US$ 1,849.28 US$ 2,250.87 IDR 25,889,920.00 IDR 31,512,180.00
Deluxe Room US$ 1,817.08 US$ 2,211.52 IDR 25,439,120.00 IDR 30,961,280.00
Deluxe Bungalow US$ 1,913.67 US$ 2,329.58 IDR 26,791,380.00 IDR 32,614,120.00
Twin Deluxe Bungalow US$ 2,098.51 US$ 2,574.04 IDR 29,379,140.00 IDR 36,036,560.00
Twin Villa US$ 1,955.41 US$ 2,395.17 IDR 27,375,740.00 IDR 33,532,380.00

* IDR Prices depend on Currency Fluctuations and may change without prior notice.

* Prices are not inclusive of 12.5% Tax and 6% Service Charge.


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