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In everyday life, there are many harmful environmental influences and actions that have negative effects on us. This can be prolonged stress, for example, a wrong diet or drugs such as alcohol and nicotine and wrong lifestyle. If left unaddressed, these factors grow in strength over time and begin to create imbalances in our bodies that are eventually expressed as physical and mental illnesses. Ayurveda considers it of major importance to regularly cleanse one’s body from accumulated toxins and imbalances and Ayurveda has for centuries used elaborate detox protocols and recommended lifestyle changes to achieve this. We at AmrtaSiddhi Ayurvedic Centre offer a whole range of different ways how you can detox your body, from short juice-based fasting programs to intricate and highly beneficial Panchakarma programs.

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What is the right Detox program
for you?

Ayurveda prescribes medicines, treatments, diet and activity changes based on a holistic understanding of the individual. Each human being is seen as unique with a unique personal constitution (“Dosha” in Ayurveda) and has to therefore be treated individually. The type of disease or imbalance as well as the strength of the person, his or her life circumstances, proclivities, desires and motivations play an important role in the selection of the right Detox protocol.

The time span of a detox protocol may vary from as short as 3 days to up to 28 days and longer. While the length may vary, the methods used in Detox programs basically are always either reduction (shamana) or removal (shodana). Reducing, or in most cases, completely eliminating the intake of harmful substances or removing harmful substances and the excess of bio-energetic phenomena from the body using various methods. Most of the time, both methods are combined to achieve optimum results. The results include a dramatically enhanced well-being through improved digestion and circulation, a balanced endocrine (hormonal) system, enhanced mental clarity and emotional balance and a much higher level of available physical and mental energy.

Our detox protocols include juice fasting or fasting on medicated ghee, daily massages and other treatments, yoga, meditation and relaxation classes as well as nutrition, tasty and easily digestible vegetarian dishes, all tailored to your individual needs. And of course you can further tailor your detox program according to your own wishes and book additional treatments or activities.

What does Ayurvedic Detox do?

Negative environmental factors, as well as wrong diet, wrong activities and wrong sleeping patterns disturb our biological fire (“agni”). If Agni is disturbed, digestion of food and absorption of nutrients cannot be executed correctly and completely and metabolic intermediates and waste remain. Since these undigested remnants can accumulate and disturb cell functions they are identified as toxins (“ama”) in Ayurveda. Ama is the root cause for the development of diseases in our body and it is the role of Detox procedures to eliminate ama and prevent this from happening. As these negative, disturbing factors to the proper functioning of our physiology are removed, the body’s natural healing capabilities are activated, the immune system strengthened and existing health problems alleviated. Ayurvedic detox thus ignites your life energy by removing what should not be in your body and bringing your metabolism back into balance.

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Try out an individually tailored Ayurvedic Detox program for yourself and find out just how much it can increase your vitality and rejuvenate you. Trust in our many years of experience in the field of Ayurveda and enjoy your stay at Amrtasiddhi Ayurvedic Centre, knowing that we offer you the best detox program, one that is individually tailored exactly to your requirements.


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