Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book a Program at AmrtaSiddhi?

Answer: Please fill in the Inquiry Form that is available on each of our Program pages. Our Reservations Team will then get back to you ASAP with a reservation offer, either confirming your details or suggesting other options. After you have received our Reservation offer, you can confirm your Program Booking by sending us the required deposit via PayPal or Stripe.
Please note that deposits are non-refundable and that the outstanding amount for your Program is due in full on the first day of your Program. We accept Cash, Credit Card, PayPal or Stripe payments.

How can I pay for my Program?

Answer: We accept Cash, Credit Card, Stripe or PayPal payments. Your outsanding Program fee is due in full on the first day of your Program.

Can I get a reimbursement if i decide to drop out of my Program after it has started?

Answer: Unfortunately not. Please read our Terms & Conditions carefully before signing up for a Program with AmrtaSiddhi.

Can I get a reimbursement for services that I decide not to take during my program, like treatments, tuition, food?

Answer: Unfortuantely there are no reimbursements once you have started your Program. Please read our Terms & Conditions carefully before signing up for Program with AmrtaSiddhi.

Can I start a Program any time or are there only specific dates that I can start a Program?

Answer: You can start your Program at any time, provided we do have availability to accommodate you.

What choices do I have in terms of accommodation?


  • Our Centre has various room categories and you can choose your preferred room type in the inquiry form that you are going to fill in when you send your reservation inquiry. Our Program prices depend on the room type you choose or that is available at this point in time. The lowest price option is to stay in one of our Standard Rooms at our Centre.
  • Our Reservations Team will suggest other room types or other dates if your preferred room type is not available for the dates you have chosen.
  • You can also choose your own accommodation. Please make sure to stay close to our Centre, especially for the 8- and 10 Day Detox Programs and all Pancha Karma Programs. Traveling daily back and forth from your accommodation to our Centre (for Treatments, Yoga, Meditation and other Activities) often creates negative side effect which impinge on your progress and might diminish your results.

Can I change my accommodation after I have done my booking?


  • If you want to change your accommodation after you have booked your Program with AmrtaSiddhi and your Program Booking includes accommodation at our Centre, then our 30 Day deadline applies. For more details, please check our Terms & Conditions.

What do I need to consider if I have my own accommodation and want to join a program?

Answer: Please bear in mind that we do not recommend you staying in your own accommodation, unless it is within foot walking distance from our Centre.
Experience shows that having your accommodation elsewhere tends to disrupt and impede your program and might diminish your results.
Since rest is one key factor in both, Rejuvenation and Detox Programs, traveling might interfere negatively with your Program. You will also have to consider that we do prefer not to do deliveries (food, drinks, medicines) to your place and deliveries are subject to a fee.

What should I do if I don’t know which program I should sign up for?

Answer: Pleas go to any of our Ayurvedic Program pages and fill in the Inquiry Form. In the form you can choose to request a call from us. Alternatively, you can use our Contact Form first and send us an e-mail decribing your Medical history and the main objectives you have for choosing a program at AmrtaSiddhi. Once you are clear about your program, please fill in the Inquiry Form and send to us.

Is it possible to extend the length of programs?

Answer: Yes, this is generally possible. All changes are subject to availability.

Can I come just for single treatments?

Answer: Yes certainly. Please call our Office on +62 (0) 361 4792924 or send us an email to make a reservation.

What should I bring along with me when i come to start my program?


  • Copies of any recent medical reports (if any)
  • Light and comfortable clothes
  • Torch
  • Books and personal toiletries
  • Rain jacket
  • Notebook

Do I need to bring mosquito repellent?

Answer: You may but it is probably not needed. All our accommodations are equipped with mosquito nets. We can also provide you with natural insect repellent if necessary.

Do you offer WiFi?

Answer: We offer Wifi access at the lobby and in our Media Room. There is no Wifi Access provided in any of our accommodations.

Do you have a Pool?

Answer: Yes we do have an Ozone Pool with a nice shady wooden deck area. Please follow the recommendations for using the pool (available in the In-room folder) during your program and note that in some cases swimming is not recommended at all.