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Ayurvedic View on Respiratory Health

Podcast: Respiratory Health

Colette Kent talks to Dr Sujatha about the Ayurvedic View on Respiratory Health. No one is spared from respiratory diseases. Each of us certainly had a cold before and then had to struggle with persistent cough for several days. And hay fever and similar allergies are certainly familiar to many of us. The examples just mentioned are relatively harmless variants of respiratory diseases. On the other hand, other diseases such as pneumonia or asthma can become a serious health hazard with serious consequences. Therefore, the health of the respiratory system is an aspect that should not be neglected under any circumstances.

Ayurveda is an effective means to maintain the health of the respiratory system, prevent diseases and manage symptoms. The Ayurvedic view on Respiratory Health states that respiratory diseases are caused by doshas being out of balance. Different imbalances lead to different diseases.

In order to bring the doshas back into balance, Ayurveda offers different treatment options. This podcast episode shows, among other things, the Ayurvedic treatment options for respiratory diseases and also covers the following topics:

  • What dosha & subdoshas are involved in respiration.
  • The Ayurvedic perspective on asthma.
  • The respiratory problems that can manifest in each dosha.
  • Natural treatments for each dosha imbalance.
  • Self-care practices for respiratory health.
  • Types of food and cooking to maintain respiratory health.
  • Essential oils to aid respiration.