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Ayurvedic View on Osteopenia and Osteoporosis

Podcast: Ayurvedic View on Osteopenia and Osteoporosis with Dr. Sujatha

Osteoporosis and osteopenia are common health problems, affecting 500 million men and women worldwide, and causing more than 8.9 million fractures annually. This results in an osteoporosis fracture every 3 seconds [1]. Using the WHO definition of osteoporosis, the disease affects approximately 6.3% of men over the age of 50 and 21.2% of women over the same age range globally [2].

In this podcast, Dr Sujatha Kekada talks about the Ayurvedic View on Osteopenia and Osteoporosis and covers the important relationship between “Vata dosha” and “Asthi Dhatu” (bone tissue) and how diet and lifestyle factors contribute to the development of osteopenia and osteoporosis. From an Ayurvedic perspective, osteopenia and osteoporosis are primarily caused by a chronic vata imbalance and, specifically in women, hormonal imbalances during menopause. Both can lead to a severe reduction in bone density, resulting in fractures of various kinds. Dr Sujatha also recommends very effective Ayurvedic treatments that eradicate the root causes of these conditions and the best treatments and Ayurvedic medicines in case the disease has already manifested. Besides genetic factors, diet and lifestyle play a huge role in the prevention and development of osteopenia and osteoporosis. Dr Kekada gives you important guidelines in this podcast on how you can prevent and slow down the decrease in bone density and what you can do to live a harmonious and balance life.

In this episode, Dr Sujatha Kekada, Head Physician and Co-Founder of AmrtaSiddhi Ayurvedic Clinic in Ubud, Bali, talks about the following topics:

  • A description of the conditions of osteopenia and osteoporosis.
  • The relationship between the Vata dosha and asthi dhatu (bone tissue).
  • What diet and lifestyle factors can lead to a decrease in bone density?
  • Ayurvedic treatments for these conditions.
  • Diet and lifestyle guidelines to prevent osteopenia and osteoporosis.