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Ayurvedic View on the Digestive System

Podcast: Digestive System

Imagine you’re sitting at lunch, dessert is being served and there’s a big slice of delicious, juicy carrot cake in front of you. Your mouth is probably watering at the mere thought of it. What does this have to do with the Ayurvedic view on the digestive system? Everything! Because the first step of the digestive process starts here.

Ayurveda sees food as medicine, which is why both a healthy diet that corresponds to your personal constitution and a healthy digestive system play an important role. A healthy digestive system is an indication that we are doing well and that our energies are in balance. However, if the digestive system is out of kilter, this has serious consequences for our physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

There can be many reasons for impaired digestion. In our modern world, poor nutrition and stress are common triggers. This can be counteracted with Ayurveda. In this podcast episode ‘Ayurvedic View on the Digestive System’, Colette Kent talks to Dr Sujatha about the importance of the digestive system for our overall health and well-being according to Ayurveda.


  • The Digestive System: its roles & functions for maintaining optimum health
  • The Process of digestion
  • The importance of eating according to your constitution
  • Digestive anomalies
  • The concept of ama/toxins
  • Typical signs for aggravated doshas