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Rules of Engagement

Our Rules of Engagement are designed to help you make your stay with us as effective and enjoyable as possible. Based on experience collected over many years in business, optimum results can be achieved when you keep a positive and open state of mind throughout your program, when you stick to your program schedule and when you follow all advice and guidelines given by our Physicians, Coaches and Trainers completely and thoroughly.

By signing up to a Program or Service at AmrtaSiddhi Ayurvedic Centre (PT Amrtasiddhi Pusat Ayurweda Bali) you agree to the following Rules of Engagement:

  • to arrive on time for all events and to stay for the entire session, leaving only for toilet breaks. Arriving late for an appointment might result in reduced appointment time.
  • to communicate feedback or action requests directly and promptly to us, either to our Management, your Physician, your Therapist or our Front Desk Team.
  • to keep a high level of integrity throughout your stay with us by speaking truthfully and by respecting the dignity, rights and differences of all other guests.
  • to respect other guests’ privacy during their stay with us by:
    • adjusting your personal activities and level of noise so that other guests are not disturbed by your actions.
    • acknowledging that other guests might not want to engage in conversations at certain times during their program.
    • keeping the noise level at a minimum during mealtimes at our restaurant.
  • to refrain from using offensive language or verbal insults or exhibiting violent behaviour during your stay with us.
  • to accept the fact that each Ayurvedic Centre has a different approach as to how it runs its programs. This includes for instance how treatments are performed, what kind of food is served or how yoga is being taught during the program.
  • to switch off fans, air conditioning and lights when you are not in your room in order to safe electricity and recourses.
  • to not be wasteful with your water consumption.
  • to not bringing plastic bags or plastic bottles to our Centre from your shopping trips.
  • to not bringing drugs or other illegal items to our Centre or consuming drugs (including alcohol) during your stay at our Centre