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Looking for Stress relief? A calm mind? Better sleep? Try Shirodhara.


Looking for Stress relief? A calm mind? Better sleep? Try Shirodhara.

Shirodhara is one of the gems within the wide range of Ayurvedic treatments and it is also one of the most popular treatments at Amrtasiddhi Ayurvedic Health Centre. It is extremely effective in calming the mind, reducing stress and balancing the nervous system. If you feel run down, burnt out and you have difficulties thinking clearly, or if you are overthinking and constantly feeling agitated, a course of Shirodhara treatments can help you get back on track. 

The term Shirodhara comes from the Sanskrit language and is composed of the words shiro (head) and dhara (flow). Warm oil, or another liquid like milk and buttermilk, infused with herbs is poured rhythmically across the forehead during this treatment, thus the name.

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The importance of oils in Ayurveda

Oils play an important role in Ayurvedic medical treatments and cooking and there is a large variety of oils available. As regards to Ayurvedic treatments, sesame or coconut oil is mostly used as base oil and then enriched with medicinally potent plant parts like seeds, roots, barks and leaves, and other ingredients like milk, each of which produce specific medicinal effects. The end result is a unique oil that has very specific qualities and it is always chosen according to its specific purpose and area of application. The idea is to use the unique therapeutic effects of the finished oil to complement and balance the specific physiological or mental state of the person receiving the treatment. In Ayurveda, these oil treatments are called Snehana. As you can imagine, treatments with herbal oils are of prime importance in Ayurveda and oils have been used for thousands of years. 

Ayurveda as a holistic medical system is concerned with eradicating the root cause of a disease and establishing harmony and order within the body’s physiology. This is done by first diagnosing the body’s imbalances and then removing excess through various methods like Panchakarma for example. Ayurvedic oils play an important role in this process because they act as carrier for the medicines – like in the case of medicated ghee. They also have the ability to soften, lubricate and bind, so that waste matter (ama) and imbalances can be mobilized, collected and removed from the body.

Shirodhara – a treatment for body and mind

If you consider wind as an atmospheric phenomenon for a moment and its ability to dry, to cool and to move, or its quality of unsteadiness, it becomes apparently clear how Shirodhara can have such a great effect on a restless, tense and overthinking mind. This state of mind can be likened to wind due to its comparable characteristics, in particular movement (thinking!) and unsteadiness (worry!). Ayurveda considers this as a vata imbalance. Applying warm oil in a steady, rhythmic manner across the forehead compensates for the current state by introducing the missing (opposite) qualities. It is amazing how something that sounds as simple as this can have such a profound and lasting effect, especially when repeated regularly over a certain period of time and integrated into a complete treatment protocol that involves other Ayurvedic treatments, a balanced nutrition and activities like Yoga, Taiji and Meditation. 

Due to its calming and strengthening effect on the brain and sense organs, Shirodhara is often used to alleviate problems related to the head and nervous system. These include headaches, stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue, PTSD and sleep problems, to name a few. Of course, Shirodhara can also be simply enjoyed without suffering from any of the aforementioned issue. It is after all pure relaxation, restoration, calmness and nourishment and many of our guests report a feeling of clarity after the treatment.

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Individual Shirodhara treatments at AmrtaSiddhi Ayurveda Resort

Most of the oils we use for our treatments are handmade in-house by our team. Whether it is for Shirodhara or any other Ayurvedic treatment, all oils are individually selected according to your constitution and dosha imbalance. Our Ayurveda experts know exactly which oil is right for you and they will ensure that you derive the optimum benefits from your treatment experience.

Book your individual Shirodhara treatment or Ayurvedic program now to relax and restore your body and mind. We look forward to welcoming you as our guest!

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In order to restore health, your unique ratio of the three doshas must be rebalanced. This can be achieved by Ayurvedic Detox and rejuvenation procedures, dietary and lifestyle changes, herbal medications and various Ayurvedic treatment methods. Amrtasiddhi‘s Ayurvedic treatments are individually tailored to the composition of your doshas. In the course of an Ayurvedic consultation, we determine your personal constitution and current imbalances and design your individual treatment plan accordingly. You can have complete confidence in the profound knowledge of our Ayurveda experts. We at AmrtaSiddhi are looking forward to welcoming you as our guest!