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Study: Rasayanas – Evidence for the concept of prevention of diseases

Abstract: Rasayanas are non-toxic Ayurvedic complex herbal preparations or individual herbs used to rejuvenate or attain the complete potential of an individual to prevent diseases and degenerative changes that lead to disease. The present paper reviews various activities of Rasayanas to support the above concept, its role as a prophylactic medication and its significance in preventing diseases in both healthy and diseased individuals. The emerging data suggest that the possible mechanisms may be immunostimulation, quenching free radicals, enhancing cellular detoxification mechanisms, repairing damaged non-proliferating cells, inducing cell proliferation and self-renewal of damaged proliferating tissues, and replenishing them by eliminating damaged or mutated cells with fresh cells.

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Rasayanas – a brief definition

The term ‚Rasayana‘ comes from Sanskrit and combines the words ‚rasa‘ (lifeblood) and ‚yana‘ (vehicle). Rasayanas can be understood as the vehicle that keeps the lifeblood in motion. They usually contain a significant amount of medical properties that enable the production of Ojas or life energy in the body.

Rasayanas can be taken or applied in various forms, such as pastes, powders, pills or drinks. This makes it very easy to adapt the intake of Rasayanas to everyday life and personal preferences. Rasayanas do not only consist of herbs and spices but often contain fruits, vegetables, honey and ghee. The exact composition depends on what effects are to be achieved with the mixture. Rasayanas are used in a wide range of medical applications.