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We are absolutely passionate and committed to helping you improve your health and feel great again, with abundant energy and clarity, so that you can go and express your full potential.

Frank J. Paepcke

Managing Director

Ayurveda, Coaching, Business Scaling, Leadership and Psychology are the cornerstones of Frank’s professional passions.

Besides his Business Studies and developing his Coaching Skills, he loves to lead teams and he is driven to continuously improve all aspects of AmrtaSiddhi as a company.

Dr. Sujatha Kekada

Head Physician and Co-Founder

Dr. Sujatha Kekada is the Head Physician and Co-Founder of AmrtaSiddhi. She is a certified Ayurvedic Doctor (B.A.M.S) with a degree from Rajiv Gandhi University, Karnataka, India.

Dr. Kekada’s profound understanding of Ayurvedic Medicine and her deep love for plants is the basis for her exceptional ability to diagnose the root causes of diseases and to find effective remedies.

Combining intuition and compassion with bright intelligence and a rock-solid pragmatism, she is able to effectively guide people truly individually – just as the spirit of Ayurveda demands.

Dr. Remil Mannila Valappil

Ayurvedic Physician

Dr. Remil Mannila Valappil is an Ayurvedic Doctor from Kerala, India. He has a degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S) from A.L.N. Rao Memorial Ayurvedic Medical College in Koppa, India. Before joining Amrtasiddhi in 2014, Dr. Remil worked as Ayurvedic Doctor in Kerala, India.

As Physician, his speciality is treating chronic ailments through Panchakarma procedures. His calm and patient nature are very much appreciated by our clients and AmrtaSiddhi is very happy to have him as part of our Team.

Dr. Anjali Variar

Ayurvedic Physician

Dr. Anjali Variar received her B.A.M.S Degree from Rajiv Gandhi University in India and a post-graduate Diploma in Yoga from Annamalai University in India. Before joining AmrtaSiddhi in 2016, she worked in a reputed Ayurveda hospital in Kerala under the guidance of Dr. Devan Namboodiri in the field of General Medicine & Gynecology.

Dr Anjali is a firm believer of Ayurveda and her motto is “Everyone should learn Ayurveda and adopt its principles into their daily life for a better world”.

Ketut Sri Mahyuni

Ayurvedic Therapist and Therapist Supervisor

Ketut started working for AmrtaSiddhi in 2008 as one of the first staff members and she has since been promoted to Therapist Supervisor. We love her passion for Ayurveda and her thirst for knowledge and we appreciate her immense therapeutic skills in executing Ayurvedic treatments.

Ni Made Piki Ariati

Head Chef and Kitchen Supervisor
Kiki has a great passion for her profession and understands very well that cooks cook to nurture people. Since nutrition plays an essential role in any healing process, it is an integral part of our Ayurvedic Programs and our Kitchen Team is very important for us. We are happy to say that under Kiki’s guidance our Kitchen Team is in the best of hands.

Desak Juniari

Operations Manager
Desak has a degree in Hotel Management and loves all aspects of hospitality. She is full of energy and interpersonal skills and we are happy to have such an experienced staff on board in a leading role.
I Wayan Gustyawan

I Wayan Gustyawan

Housekeeping Supervisor
Guswan’ s focussed, structured and organized approach has just the right touch to lead a Housekeeping Team.
I Wayan Meiyasa

I Wayan Meiyasa

Transport Coordinator & Driver
Super friendly, super reliable and super on-time.
Ayurvedic Therapists

Ayurvedic Therapists

Our Therapists are trained by our Ayurvedic Physicians in-house and they all have completed and passed rigorous practical and theoretical exams in our Ayurvedic Academy before being accepted as Ayurvedic Therapists. They love taking care of you and will give you professional treatments on a daily basis while you run through one of our programs. We have allocated one personal therapist for each of our program clients.
Kitchen Team

Kitchen Team

Healthy, light and nourishing food and drinks, freshly prepared according to Ayurvedic Principles, is what our Kitchen Team is focussed on daily.
Office Team

Office Team

Not always visible but always active are our Office Team Members who work dilligently on all administrative jobs so that you don’t have to wait long for your schedule, information, receipts or other documents.

Oana Deac

Yoga & Yoga Nidra Instructor

Oana is a registered Yoga Alliance Teacher with certifications in Yoga Therapeutics and Yoga & Ayurveda.

Her Yoga classes combine Ayurvedic principles with classical Hatha Yoga teachings, emphasizing the link between breath and proper alignment.

For the past 5 years she has been supporting our clients to find a practice that speaks to their unique biomechanical structure, Ayurvedic constitution and other needs.

Herbal Team

Herbal Team

Our Herbal Team prepares your Ayurvedic remedies and oils on a daily basis and makes sure that our stock is up to date and always stored properly.

Housekeeping Team

Housekeeping Team

Always on the go, our cleaning champions work hard every day so that your room and all other facilities at our Centre are spotless and you can feel comfortable during your stay with us.

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