Caroline Henkel

Hi Dr. Sujatha and Frank,

I was in to the clinic a year ago and started a Panchakarma Detox with you. I am not sure if you remember me because I am sure you have a lot of people in and out and can’t remember everyone but I was there with my husband Bruno who is Brazilian and there to do Panchakarma for systemic candida. Your new clinic was almost finished and you were preparing to move. I looked at your new site and pictures and it looks beautiful.

The reason I am writing is to thank you. Besides I remember setting a clear intention when starting the Panchakarma to not rely on alcohol to relax and to remove it from my diet. I just wanted to share with you that I have not had alcohol since the detox one year ago and I feel wonderful. It is something I couldn’t have imagined accomplishing and actually moved through the year with grace and ease. I also have a regular Kundalini yoga practice that I have truly embraced…..Thank you Frank. This was such a powerful experience and feel I have come a long way with my health and wellbeing since then.

I am in deep gratitude for this experience and the work you do….Thank you
I look forward to visiting Bali and your new clinic in the future.

Much Love
Much Light

Caroline Henkel
February 18, 2016

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    Lubi-Sina Koutsis


    My experience at AmrtaSiddhi was fantastic.
    The whole team form the Ayurvedic Doctors to Therapists, Yoga teachers, Drivers, Office-, Kitchen- & Housekeeping staff is exceptional.

    They all were exceeding my expectations with the amount of effort they put in to make ones stay as pleasant as possible.

    I leave feeling rested, relaxed, smiling, full of energy and at peace.

    I very much look forward to come back next year.


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