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The Ayurveda Experience at Amrtasiddhi Ayurvedic Health Centre

Do you want to experience authentic Ayurveda in a beautiful environment with a professional, caring team looking after you? You have just found the right place! At Amrtasiddhi Ayurvedic Health Centre, we offer highly effective and deeply nourishing Ayurvedic treatments and programs tailored fully to your personal needs. The Ayurveda Experience thus becomes a very personal journey for you to a more vital, healthier and more balanced self. Our team at our Ayurvedic Health Centre consists of highly trained staff in the field of Ayurveda, guaranteeing that the Ayurveda Experience is not only authentic and enjoyable for you, but also achieves optimum and lasting results.

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What does the Ayurveda Experience include?

At our Ayurvedic Health Retreat, we offer you the whole variety of Ayuvedic treatments and specialized Ayurvedic programs, all with one goal – to help you enhance the quality of your life by improving your health and your mental and physical well-being. In alignment with the spirit of Ayurveda, we focus on you personally and design each treatment protocol and Ayurvedic program individually for you and in accordance with your needs, desires and preferences. All programs and treatments are tailored according to your individual constitution or personal Ayurvedic type, making your stay at our Ayurvedic Health Retreat a deeply personal and result-oriented experience.

The Ayurveda Experience at Amrtasiddhi Ayurvedic Centre is very well designed and structured and leaves nothing to be desired. Daily massages and other treatments with herbal oils are complemented by Yoga, meditation and relaxation classes. Lectures on Ayurveda, nutrition and lifestyle equip you with everything you need to know to stay healthy and balanced when you are back home. In the weekly cooking classes you learn how to cook tasty, nourishing and easily digestible meals for yourself, your family and your friends. You can also book special modules, like our stress management module, that allow you to focus on improving a very specific area of your life while enjoying the treatments and care of our team. Our Ayurvedic physicians check up on you on a daily basis to make sure you stay on track with your health goals. And if you happen to have more questions, you can always state them in our open Q&A sessions. These sessions are a great opportunity to connect to other guests and at the same time learn more about Ayurveda. Our offer includes, for example, deep cleansing Panchakarma cures, detox and weight management programs as well as programs focussed on rejuvenation. In order for the Ayurvedic Experience to be as beneficial as possible and to achieve optimal results, we recommend an initial Ayurvedic Consultation. In this session, our experts will not only identify your individual constitution or Ayurvedic type, assess the state of your health and diagnose imbalances, but also create an individual action plan for you that might involve dietary and lifestyle changes or a personalized treatment plan. The consultation can take place on site or online.

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AmrtaSiddhi Ayurvedic Centre – an exclusive retreat for exclusive guests

Amrtasiddhi creates exclusive and personal retreats where guests can let go of all of their daily obligations in order to focus entirley on themselves, their health, recharging their energy or finding more peace and clarity within. The Ayurveda Experience at Amrtasiddhi Ayurvedic Centre is available to only a small number of guests. A capacity of maximum of 25 guests makes this retreat a truly exclusive and personal Ayurvedic Experience.

AmrtaSiddhi Ayurvedic Health Centre is located in Ubud-Bali-Indonesia, just ten minutes away from Ubud Centre and the picturesque Monkey Forest.

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