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Yoga Retreat and Ayurvedic Treatments at AmrtaSiddhi Ayurvedic Centre

Ayurveda and yoga are sister sciences, both of which originate from the “vedas”, i.e. sources of knowledge and science of ancient India. Ayurveda is the science of life and longevity, which aims to promote a happy, healthy and peaceful life. Ayurveda is responsible for physical and mental well-being, while yoga is intended to cultivate mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. The practise of yoga (like Hatha yoga, Bakti yoga, Karma yoga, Raja yoga, Jnana yoga) has a very positive effect on our body and has the potential to keep us strong, healthy and flexible while cultivating introspection and equilibrium in mind and emotion in order to achieve deep states of meditation. According to ancient Indian writings, Ayurveda is considered the foundation of yoga, while yoga is said to be the fruit of Ayurveda. We can say that Ayurveda and yoga enter into a symbiosis, in which yoga supports the Ayurvedic path and vice versa. Both practices complement each other on the path to becoming a complete, self-realized, happy and healthy individual. Amrtasiddhi Ayurvedic centre not only offers a large variety of highly effective Ayurvedic treatments but also Ayurvedic detox, rejuvenation and weight management programs in which yoga plays a very important part. Your yoga program corresponds to your respective treatment protocol and is tailored to your needs. Adding private tuition to the daily group yoga classes can turn your Ayurvedic Program into a fully personalized Yoga retreat. In this way, you are not only deepening your understanding of yoga but also fast-tracking your improvement process toward better health and well being.

This is how yoga can support your Ayurvedic treatments:

The two systems, Yoga and Ayurveda go hand in hand. Both serve the balance of body and mind by bringing the doshas into harmony. In our yoga retreat, we turn to Ayurveda, especially in Ayurvedic detox and rejuvenation protocols, in order to achieve results on many levels. Practicing yoga during an Ayurvedic detox treatment can benefit you in multiple ways. Yoga is known to support and even enhance the effects of treatments and herbs. Furthermore, it also increases your digestive power which results in you being able to better absorb food and herbal medication prescribed to you to rebalance your physiology. Yoga also improves your body awareness and can help stabilise your mind and emotions. Yoga furthermore plays an important role during our rejuvenation treatment protocol. Here it can help you develop your strength, focus and equilibrium. Yoga also acts as an enabler for you to rediscover your joy and interest for body movements. During our yoga program you will gain a lot of new experiences and knowledge which you can integrate into your daily life. The form of yoga we teach at our yoga retreat is called Hatha Yoga. This form of yoga mainly focuses on alignment, breathing and concentration. Our yoga classes are recommended for beginners as well as experienced yoga practitioners.

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Why it makes sense to combine Yoga and Ayurveda?

In order to achieve balance of the doshas, it is important to integrate yoga into an Ayurvedic lifestyle. We need to understand and accept our personal constitution and our special requirements and lead a life according to the rules of nature. Only when we pay attention to our individual constitution, our life circumstances and our emotional states, can we achieve a healthy and stable foundation. Illness always develops from an imbalance of the doshas in our body. To achieve balance, the mind plays a very important role. This is why it is useful to follow an integrative path, and consider and include yoga and Ayurveda together in the approach to health and well-being. Yoga leads us on the path of self-knowledge, while Ayurveda leads us to self-healing. The perfect physical and spiritual healing, the perfect realisation of our true nature, connects yoga and Ayurveda into an inseparable unit.

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In order to restore health, your unique ratio of the three doshas must be rebalanced. This can be achieved by Ayurvedic Detox and rejuvenation procedures, dietary and lifestyle changes, herbal medications and various Ayurvedic treatment methods. Amrtasiddhi‘s Ayurvedic treatments are individually tailored to the composition of your doshas. In the course of an Ayurvedic consultation, we determine your personal constitution and current imbalances and design your individual treatment plan accordingly. You can have complete confidence in the profound knowledge of our Ayurveda experts. We at AmrtaSiddhi are looking forward to welcoming you as our guest!


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