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Our daily Yoga classes are a great start into the day. All sessions are designed to support your treatment protocol and classes are recommended for beginners and experienced practitioners. We teach Hatha Yoga, focussing on alignment, breathing and concentration.
The Role of Yoga during Detox:
  • supports and enhances the effects of treatments and herbs
  • increases your digestive power (Agni) so that you can absorb food and herbs better
  • improves your body awareness and the stability of your mind & emotions
The Role of Yoga during Rejuvenation:
  • develops your strength, focus and equilibrium
  • enables you to re-discover your joy and interest for body movements
  • helps you integrate new experiences and knowledge gained during your Program


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Office: +62 (0)361-4792924
WhatsApp: +62 811 385 2288

Yoga Tuition

US$ 100++/75 min

Work together with our Yoga Teacher on a personal sequence that is right for your individual constitution and imbalances and receive a detailed report with all important information on your practice routine.

Group Class

US$ 10++/60-75 min

Join our general Hatha Yoga Class at 7am or our restorative Yoga Class at 8:15am. Sessions take place every day at our Yoga Studio and are complementary for our guests on Ayurvedic programs.


10x One-to-One: US$ 900 / IDR 14,500,000.00
Duration: 10×75 min

Block of 10 Group Classes: US$ 90 / IDR 1,350,000.00
Duration: 10×60-75 min

* Prices are not inclusive of 10% Government Tax and 8% Service Charge.


Take Control of Your Mind

From an Ayurvedic perspective, Meditation is a great way to calm Vata, pacify Pitta and gain clarity. The practice also helps to integrate and deepen the experiences gained from your Program.

Our Meditation Sessions are based on the Teachings of Soto Zen Master Taisen Deshimaru-Roshi. Besides Sitting Meditation, our Meditation Sessions also include Walking with Awareness, various Standing Meditations, Taiji and Qi-Gong Forms.


7:00 – 7:45 pm


7:00 – 7:45 pm


7:00 – 7:45 pm

Meditation classes are free for Program participants.


Health is a State of Mind and Body
Taiji is not only a great system of Self defense but can also give amazing health benefits. We have included Taiji into our programs, because we found it to be very suitable in assisting to cure certain medical conditions (Vikriti) and helping to keep constitutional types (Prakriti) in balance. At our centre we teach Chen Style Taiji, focussing on preparatory exercises (Foundation) and the first 13 postures of Yilu (“The First Road”), and a Wudang form.